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June 15, 1997

yesterday I had a nice sunday-ride: I made a little tour in the Alps to check if there was some vagon of the Possi's train still anging around, maybe lost in the snow, who knows ... I found only a piece of exhaust, it seemed like to belong to a HPN bike .... or maybe you, Sandro Z., had recently a ride in this west side of the Alps with Der Diesel ? %^)

Anyway, the wheather was excellent, so we start the engines at 9am and we was a group of 6 bikes, 11 people total ! Only 2 beemers: me and prezz Alex Bruno; but a good and different company: Honda CX 500 Custom (The Jap Guzzi), Jamaica Di.version 1.02 (becomes version 1.02 after a crash ..), Suzuky 600 (our fastest friend ...) and finally Aprilia Pegaso 600 (Let's a have an italian bike also !)

One of this friends have a small apartment inside a old house in Montespluga, (the village is no more than 10 houses, I think ...) just near the Spluga pass, so the excuse was to go to see if some elctrical problems was resolved in that house. We had a nice trip on the border of Lago Maggiore, after we pass Bellinzona (CH) and we go up to the S.Bernardino pass, nice road like always, but maybe nicer (if it is possible) the Spluga pass, back toward Italy..

We stop for lunch in Montespluga, where we eat the "Pizzoccheri della Valchiavenna". Don't ask me to translate/explain this, too difficult for my english, but believe me: great. MMMHHHHH ! Is our classical lunch when we go there.

All of us enjoied an after-lunch stop in the greens of Montespluga, to sleep/talk/laugh/sing (there was a guitar mounted on the Jap Guzzi). The 2000 m sun helped our skins to becomes a little red, also.

Going back we encountered more traffic (it was really a sunny sunday; that means a lot of people around), but the road it was very nice through Chiavenna, the Como lake border (west) till Menaggio, after we toke the ValSolda to have a beer-stop on the border of the Lugano Lake in Porlezza. (yes, it was the 3rd lake, and we are not in Finland ...).

I ended the day having a pizza with the last 4 friends remained, talking about our ~350 Km of happiness !

Really a nice sunday, with a good group of friends and a perfect wheather ! I need something like this to avoid to regret to much the big pleasure of the EP II .....

Went home, I found a message in my answering machine: it was the non-prezz Bernhard that made the trip back from the EPII with us. Now is coming back from the Abruzzo, and maybe this evening we will spend some time together.