Some history ....

My deep love for bikes probably has been passed down through the generations.  I don't have any pictures of my grandfather with his Sertum 350, nor of my other grandfather with his Vespa, but this is my father with his Gilera 150cc in 1953, near the river Po.

My first love (with 2 wheels!) was a CAGIVA SST 125.  Here is an old photo of the SST near Pisa in 1981.  With a little imagination you can almost see the famous leaning tower on the horizon!  How great it was to be 20 years old !  This is a photo on the Côte d'azur on my first serious trip to Spain in 1983.  After 40,000 km with that bike other bikes came into my life!

Going to Sardinia, in 1992, I took this photo of my R45 in Genoa, by the famous Italian ship Amerigo Vespucci.  Here is another picture of me with my BMW R45, this time in Besozzo, at precisely 8.03pm on 20 June, 1995, at a steady 68km/h.  This photo cost me 226,000 Lire (approx 110 Euro),  so to take a look!!
Some years ago I took the R45 to the Col del Nivolet.  I think this is an impressive picture of that trip.

I really love French pâté, together with a baguette.  All you need is a quick trip to France to purchase all the necessary ingredients, then you choose a shady riverbank, where you can eat (and siesta!).  This is how I looked after such a lunch.
Here is another picture of me, this time with my BMW R100 RS (called "la grigiona") at the first Moto Tour of the lakes, organised by the "Boxer and Kappa" BMW motorbike clube of Gallarate, held in Jerago con Orago 17 Sept 1995.
Each year there is a motorbikers reunion on the 1st of November at the church of "Madonna del Ghisallo", nr Bellagio (Como).  This is a good opportunity to remember people who lost their lives through their passion for bikes.  Here is a group of friends in Ghisallo on the 1st of November 1995.