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EP III - Moena 1998



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    Complete list of post-EP pictures: Mantova,Firenze, Sardegna


The meeting was held the 11-14 June 1998, in the Dolomiti area.

This is a original postcard of  The Hotel candidate to hosting the event.

Thanks to fellow prezz Giovanni, another view from the hotel: here you can identify from right to left: 1) Der Diesel, in pole-position as usual, 2) prezz Alex, 3) Prezz Bernard, 4)prezz Giovanni, 5) my friend Luca, 6) my friend Alberto, 7) prezz Sandro "Zozzo", 8) my friend Stefano, 9) my friend Ciro, 10) me, the last one. This is a view _FROM_ the Foresta Hotel.